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  • Promotion Improvements

    Some promotion enhancements would make promotions easier and more flexible to use:

    1. Aux table record capture when creating a snapshot should be definable on a per aux table basis
    2. Promotion profiles should be easier to copy when changing environments
    3. Global promotion should have option to skip updating all auxiliary tables
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  • AppScript Enhancements

    Some minor improvements to AppScripts would be helpful:

    1. Ability to read/write BLOB field types
    2. Ability to run AppScripts on Aux table adds and edits immediately
    3. A few more high-level function calls that access code already written within SBM (e.g. Base64 encoding/decoding, etc)
    4. Access to TS_GUID
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  • New Field Types for File and URL Attachments

    Although file and URL attachments are adequate for some attachments, at times the process would be much better if these could be tracked more like a field. This would allow for different types of files or URLs to be required on specified transitions and included in reports.

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  • Auxiliary Table Enhancements

    Enhance auxiliary tables to allow:

    1. Multiple edit transitions with different forms
    2. Actions (i.e. AppScripts, Orchestrations, etc) to be executed on Submit and Edits from Aux Tables
    3. Sorting based on another field (or two or three fields) chosen in composer (i.e. Want Low, Med, High sorted in desc Priority (3, 2, 1) order; but don’t want to add Priority to VDF)


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  • Expand Join Capability for Reports

    The join capability availabe for Listing reports should be expanded.

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