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  • Mass delete unused reports

    Over time in SBM the number of reports is ever growing. There are two issues related to that: 1. with a huge volume of reports (most of whihc are never used) the discoverability of useful reports is low 2. at some point performance is bound to be affected if there are thounsands of unused reports in the system In the analytics sections there is already a may to search for unused reports for a certain time window, it would be useful to be able to delete these reports en masse. Otherwise with user turnover, the number of reports is only growing without a practical way to clean up.

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  • Regular expressions for Work center search

    Regular expressions would be a great productivity enhancement for advanced users.

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  • Web Administrator: get rid of flash

    Adobe Flash is losing support faster than anticipated by most. The web administrator is one of the last Flash widgets in SBM and it needs to go. Rather sooner than later if it was me. :)

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  • Adopt the groovy framework of SRC6 into SBM, groom it into app script replacement

    App script is dying a slow death. While everyone probably agrees that there is no point in adding effort into this old vbs framework, there is currently no real alternative (orchestrations cannot cover all use cases. In SRC6 complex widgets make use of groovy scripts that are called via semi-official interfaces. Groovy is a much more modern language compared to vbs. It is very versatile and accessible to anyone with some java background. Embracing groovy would not only get the SRC development "back into the fold" with regards to SBM standards, but would give SBM the powerful scripting backend it sorely needs today.

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  • Interact with Tasks directly from Release Package

    While obviously most deployment tasks should be fully automatic, there are many use cases for manual tasks. We find that the current Release Package interface does not allow for smooth interaction with manual tasks and would like to propose a standardized way of how to integrate task level interactions directly on the release package form.

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