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Dimensions CM
by Francisco Jose Gallego on May 17, 2018
Relationship between item revisions and Requests is made wrongly when the Request differs
Dimensions CM
by Darren McLaughlin on April 17, 2017
It is currently possible to add newline characters to Single Value attribute fields, which can cause problems.
Serena Request Center
by Jo Schott on December 16, 2016
The ability to create multiple Catalog Service Request Entries poining to the same Project and Submit form. This will allow to create much more user Friendly Catalogs -...
Prime option in requirement view in web client
Dimensions CM
by Christoph Hellmayr on November 22, 2016
In the web client there should be also a relate option for other requests at the create request form from the requirements view.
Serena Request Center
by Derek George on January 21, 2016
Currently Request Center (SRC) only allows 1 Service in the catalog to point to a given underlying implementation Project. There are valid cases where more than one service...
Dimensions CM
by Francisco Jose Gallego on December 22, 2015
There must be a parameter /REQUEST in GREP comand
by Marc S Johnson on June 11, 2015
Please move the Archiving function from the old Administrator on the server to the Web Administrator. Currently, in our distributed and highly-secured environment, where there are separation of duties,...
Dimensions CM
by Darren McLaughlin on June 02, 2015
Unable to find requests/baselines by Global Lifecycle stage.
Dimensions CM
by Sergio Rodriguez on June 01, 2015
Ability to compare two or more request about the items shared? In other words, can we know the items that are shared between request. for example, if the resquest R1...
9 results - showing 1 - 9

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