• Create “Unlock Component” Security Entity Check As of ChangeMan ZMF version, the only people that can unlock a component is either the person that locked the component or a ChangeMan ZMF Glob...al Administrator. In our team, we have people that do more of the “day-to-day” activities that help-out our ChangeMan ZMF users and we also have people that are experienced ChangeMan ZMF administrators. All people on our team sometimes need to unlock components within a ChangeMan ZMF package; however, some people on our team are not yet educated to do ChangeMan ZMF administration. Thus, we had changed their Global and Application Admin access to READ instead of UPDATE. However, not surprisingly, we had found that they had lost their ability to unlock components for other people because of this access change to READ. It would seem appropriate that a new security entity check be created called “Unlock Components Entity Check” within Application Admin, much like the existing (and relatively new) “CMNAUDRC Entity Check”. This way, we can give certain people (or all people, for that matter) the ability to unlock components that were locked by someone else, and not have to give them UPDATE access to Global Admin. From a security point of view, this would be far more desirable. I suppose that, as a default, if the new “Unlock Components Entity Check” would have no value specified, then it would have the previous behavior and default to only allowing a ChangeMan ZMF Global Administrator with UPDATE access to be able to unlock components. This way, this new feature would not affect current customers that expect the old behavior of who can unlock components. However, any shops that want to take advantage of this new feature would be able to when they are ready.   More

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