• Hi David I know about the challenge. And I'm aware that grouping by a numeric field would not make sense. But nevertheless it would be very helpful to separate the sorting from the grouping. Currently... you can always sort by some system fields, even though they are not used as filter. And you can sort by some of your Filters. Activity Views are much better than listing reports, because you can filter ad hoc and you can view items from different applications in the same view. That's why I open this Enhancement Request, because it would be an enhancement to be able to sort by other fields than the ones defined for grouping. Especially the field type numeric is predestined to be used as sort value. A drop down would not bring the same efficiency, because I would need to define all the possible values in an AUX Table (I might not know them in advance), create a new relational field in all my apps, even though I already have the sort-order field and the users would need to select them instead of simply writing a number into a field. I would appriciate if this enhancement would get a chance. Thank you Regards André More

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