• Otger Cobben
    Otger Cobben added new listing Audit logging in SBM
    In SBM we are missing audit trail for all user administration, like add, remove, modify users and groups and changing rights. This is needed for strict security requirements we have (we are a bank).  ...To give an idea, this type of events should be logged: Logon failed Activation of an account which was blocked or suspended or expired.A password reset for an account.A change in the securty profile settings of an account. These settings can be like increasing the logon attempts of a user, or changing the minimum password length for an account etc.User CreatedUser DeletedGroup CreatedGroup DeletedGroup Permissions Changed User Added to Group User Deleted from Group User LockoutAll unauthorized access attemptsUse of privileged accounts (admin): log on/log offUse of normal accounts: log on/log off   More

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