• Extend the existing Calendar report functionality and the "My Calendar" view to add a Webcal Feed link which allows a Serena calendar to be integrated into Outlook, Mac Calendar, Gmail, or any other s...ystem which uses standard Web Calendars. Along with many clients of Serena, we use Calendar data extensively in a number of solutions - Time Off, Release Management, Change Management, and others. The "My Calendar" functionality allows us to being many Calendar feeds into a single view within Serena, but it does not provide any capability to view SBM calendars alongside external sources. Thus we lack any way to have a consolidated view of all event data, as Exchange calendars remain our system of record for corporate events. One solution is to allow the ability to export an Event in Serena in .ICS format, which can be imported into Outlook, Gmail, or other systems. We built a custom solution for this using AppScript which writes a file in .ICS format, and prompts the user to open it to add to their calendar. This is useful, but it only operates on an item-by-item basis, and requires manual action to add each item to your own calendar. In addition, it does not automatically update when the item dates or other information change in SBM. To more fully solve this need, we created a custom calendar feed solution using AppScript which publishes WebCal feeds (basically, just a collection of .ICS events in XML format). By adding the URL to this AppScript into Outlook or other Calendar-feed accepting systems, we can integrate a mirror version of any Serena Calendar Report within our external tool, which is automatically updated on a scheduled basis (~5mins is the default). The solution I describe using AppScript is acceptible, but has several issues: 1. Security - because we are not using Integrated Windows authentication, our external tools are not able to authenticate to run the script. To work around this, we encode a generic read-only user account's credentials into the calendar URL. This makes reports using (Current User) difficult to use. 2. Field Types - The AppScript which renders the calendar needs to read the report parameters from the TS_REPORTS table and attempt to synthesize the SQL queries which will return the desired results. This is difficult to do for certain fields or field types. 3. Access - We built a custom "menu" of available calendars for users to pick, to add to Outlook. This lives on its own AppScript page and is not obvious to users. It would be much more powerful if there were a Calendar Feed icon on each individual feed. 4. "My calendar" - our current solution interfaces with individual feeds, not at the "My Calendar" level. It would be helpful if a user could import their "My Calendar" a single time in Serena, then manage the component feeds within the system, as opposed to having to subscribe individually to all components (though, this may be preferable for other users - so both should be an option). In speaking with others at xChange we think that this is a feature that would receive a lot of positive attention, so we would like to request that it be considered for inclusion in a future version of SBM. More

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