• Enable ability to add to the list of default "Date/Time Keywords". This would enable Trend Reports, to be more valuable by enabling reports that report in trailing date intervals, such as "Show all su...bmitted requests, in the last 120 days" Customer wanted to have a trend report, with a defined trailing time interval. Something like "Show all submitted requests, in the last 120 days". Our current trend reports offer a Start Date and an End Date. But it would much more beneficial to enter in the Start Date something like "Minus 120". Right now we can actually do that, but we can only enter the default values of the Date/Time Keywords (eg. only Minus 365, or Minus 30 is available, its not customizable).  Essentially we would want a trend report that never needs to be updated constantly.  To solve this, if we could add to the list of default values in the "Date/Time Keywords", then this would enable Trend Reports, and other reports, to be that much more valuable.  More

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