• Allow Admins to restrict users from adding a file after an item has been approved in a workflow Currently users are granted permissions to add files at an all or nothing level.  We have several flows ...for which users need to add files early in the flow, but it is not desireable to allow them to be added later in the flow (after approvals).  Admins are able to remove the "Add File" option from the actions tab on the forms, but the "add file" opton is still visible when the attachements field control is displayed on the form.  Idea - allow admins to restrict the addition of files based on flow, not only user.  Here are some ways this could be implemented: Create form actions to limit the user from adding files based on state, transition or field values Allow Admins to hide the add file option when the attachemnts control field is added to a form (similar to tool bar functionality) Change the user permissions to allow more options for file additions (only when primary owner, only during transitions, etc.) More

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