• Facilitate the finding & copying/updating of SLAs by creating a view allowing the user to view/filter the SLAs configured across all Process Apps/Applications/Projects/Sub-Projects in one place Curren...tly we have deployed SLAs in the 'SSM - Incident Management' & the 'SRC - Service Request' Process Apps/Applications Whilst all the SLAs for the Incidents are grouped at the 'SSM - Incident Management' -> Incident Management -> Incidents -> SLAs menu, the Service Request SLAs are spread across 30 or more projects, e.g. Service Request -> ACCOR Requests -> IT Service Requests -> Network -> Trafic Analysis I would like to be able to see all the SLAs, at whatever location/Process App/Project/Sub-Project etc on the same screen to enable us to copy/update them without having to go look for them More

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