• Kanban is a popular method for identifying the status and priority of work items.  Typically, a visual "wall" displays the items in columns depending on whether they are "to be done", "in progress" or... "completed".  As an item changes status, it moves between the columns, enabling a viewer to quickly see not only the status of an individual item, but the overall progress of a project.  This idea would be to create a Kanban friendly interface within SBM that enables users to represent tasks as cards on a wall within columns to indicate priority and status. At a basic level, a Kanban wall looks something like this: This idea woudl be to emulate such a card wall within SBM as a view.  The view would be populated by the items in a project and the placement of the items on the wall would be goverened by their status (i.e. which column to be in) or their priority (i.e. how high up the column the item is shown).  The items can either be updated by clicking on them to "drill down" into a typical update form or by just moving/sliding them between columns which will transition the status of the item - e.g. from "To Be Done" to "Doing".  If additional information is required to move an item (e.g. the item must be assigned to be moved to "Doing"), such information will either be requested or filled in through automated rules (e.g. the person sliding from "To Be Done" to "Doing" would automatically become the owner).  Colors can also be used to supplement the interpretation of status (e.g. an item in critical status may have a red outline around it).     More

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