• Jake Yearous
    Jake Yearous added new listing Session Time-Out Popup in SBM
    We have many users requesting some sort of notification or popup from the user interface when they are about to time out, it would be nice if the user could click a button on the popup to reset the ti...mer to let SBM know that they are still working. The problem is that some of the applications we are using ask for a lot of data on submit, data that needs to be pulled from many different sources and it takes a very long time to pull that info or put together writeups. During that time SBM thinks our users are idle and will log them out if they don't finish in time. What's worse is that our users will then lose all that data they had been working on, forcing them to start over and try to do it again. What we would really like to see is a popup on the user's screen 5 minutes before they are about to be logged out with something along the lines of: Are you still working?[Yes - Continue][No - Logout]Your session will time out in XX:XX. This would help us out a lot, probably the number one request we hear from users working those larger items. More

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