• I would love the ability to have distribution reports be sorted on somethign other than the alphabetical values of the row/columns selelected. This would be very valuable in instances where quickly id...entifying large expenses or big projects by effort is necessary. It also is excellent at displaying the "long tail" on any of your reports. I know you can manually do this now by editing the row values in the "sort" section of a distribution report but this is a request to do that sort dynamically. If Project A is the largest bar in a report today i dont want to have to update my report tomorrow when Project B is the largest bar. Having a Sort by value for row and column similar to the sum totals by option that was recently added (hugely valuable by the way) would be very desireable.  Additionally, it would also be helpful when you have a distrubtion that has a lot of categories (eg, rows) that vary in values significantly. It would be nice to be able to have the ability to chop the "long tail" and lump them into an "Other" category. Now, rather than having a distribution table or chart that displays a lot of rows with small values i could group all rows with values less than something into a grouped row.    More

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