• Many customers want to perform time metrics on their workflows.  The current out of the box reporting makes this very difficult.  The general concept is to allow flexibility in the out of the box SBM ...reporting to allow the user to select a series of states, time periods, etc to report on the time it takes to get from step A to step B in the workflow.  The change history type reporting should include standard SBM functionality such as limiting the data to certain request types, or showing additional fields from the table in the report.  Some specific ideas are below. Average time in state – a report that includes all states (or allows the user to select which states to include) and calculates an average time that all items matching the report criteria spent in that state.  The “Time in State Duration” report would be Ok, if only it included the time in state for all states, not just the item’s current state.  The better solution (or maybe offer both) would be the same type of report as “time in state duration” but instead of a time range being entered, the exact average would be calculated.  A drill down option would display the list of items along with the amount of time each item spent in the state that was clicked. Changing the “average Time to state” duration report to allow the option to pick the start state and end state to analyze how long it took to get from step A to step B (with or without the steps in between) in a workflow with a chart. A state change history report that allows the user to select which states they want included, instead of automatically including all. Allow the user to pull metrics for how long it took a certain person or people to complete their process step.  This can be pulled from state change report, but includes all of the other state information.  They want to be able to select a state or states, and have the elapsed time show up for just the states they have identified, while also being able to include fields from the primary table isntead of just state change history. More

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