• Francesco Grossi
    Francesco Grossi added new listing CMBRIDGE for GIT in Dimensions CM
    Bridge Dimensions from any past, current and future IDE, as well as build tool, by mapping Dimensions categories into the GIT URL (with a REST service translating request and forward them CM. To reach... all DEV people without scaring them with CM interfaces and categories, Serena made a wonderful job with SVN Bridge, still in few years - if not months - the youngest of them would have scarce if not any knowledge of SVN: new developers goes straight to GITHUB to have their code available everywhere, particularly outsourcing companies developers. I reckon our DEV TEAM would have to cope with two levels GIT deliver (COMMIT and PUSH) as well as other non mappable categories/functionalities Yet, once we might set prerequisites – for example - in terms of CM configuration (I am just imagining : set a CM with single PARTed-PRODUCTs and couple them with GIT REPO of the URL) we could offer CM everywhere Not to mention any future product equipped with a GIT plug-in, would be ready to go with our CM (and no excuses for Developers, not anymore). More

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