• There are lots of ways currently to filter the values shows in a relational field. Typically these require a dependency and another relational field by essentially creating a cross join between values... between two auxiliary tables related to the same primary table as well as each other. This works fine when you have the three table triangle setup or when you don't mind all values begin filtered the same for an entire workflow. However, it would be nice to see the potential for filtering these relational records extended beyond dependencies. For example, between related primary tables. We have a Change Management application that has a relational field pointed at the CI records in our CMDB application. In many instances, we would like to be able to filter the list of CIs available in the relational field depending on the CI type, the state it might be in; the list of possible filters is endless. In theory, I'd like to see (in Composer) the filtering properties of a relational field have a similar interface as that of an embedded report. I'd like to create a listing report against my primary or auxiliary table, get the reference link for that report, and then have that populate the list of items returned in my relational field. The upside to this would be... 1: I can control the values returned in any way I want without having to manage a dependency or have additional aux tables. 2: The filtering would not be dependent on the workflow. 3: I could control the presentation of the results, rather than relying on the value display format (which for us changes depending on the context we are viewing the item in . More

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