• Create an abstraction between reporting search critieria and form display criteria. Specifically, inactive single relational field values do not display on a form but you should be able to select inac...tive items as report search filter criteria. Inactive items are not dispalyed in a Single Relational Field. The client wants inactive items not to display in a form so that users do not select them. Reporting based on search filter critiera that may be inactive is required.  Data entry and Reporting are separate tasks so the display logic should be abstracted from the report filter criteria. Follow these steps to reproduce this problem: You have a table with a single relational field (SRF) that points to a table with active and inactive records Create a listing report In the report filter criteria section, select the SRF and set it to contain a value and see that no inactive values are displayed. You cannot select inactive items as part of the filter because they do not display. More

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