• More emphasis in the Desktop Client about PULSE features, such to entice the user,  by labeling functionalities as more appealing (graphs stats, collaboration, branches from here..). This is my experi...ence here. We at this customer site have JIRA and GIT gaining ground by the day People keep using 14.1 as they used 12 and, in the meantime, they ask for GIT and JIRA integration as such collaboration and audit needs arise, as the agile dev is getting cool by the day. Hello I would like to propose a(t least) new item into the context menu of folders and streams which has the same effect as the “Open Review” item nested/hidden in the “Changeset Dialog”'s Changeset Context Menu Here with 14.1.04 people are completely unknowing the existence of PULSE  This leads to another problem: as people need to collaborate they look for other solution such as GIT, for merge, and JIRA for workflow, furthermore they complain of CM not being integrated with JIRA. I would simply put this new item in the folder and stream context menu, labeled as something more intriguing such as "graphs, statistics, collaboration, branches from here..". The effect of this option would be the same as “Open Review” on the last version of the folder/stream, hidden into the folder changeset dialog. So no new functions need to be written, People simply and eventually would land in PULSE and discover Change Graph and ... The still keep using 14 as 12 and ask for GIT, JIRA.... So why don’t we give more emphasis on what’s under the hood of CM14? Moreover, as we acknowledge the presence of old metadata why don’t we show a dialog offering the user a walk thru the new functionalities? Many thanks for this opportunity More

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