• Nobuaki Kedoin
    Nobuaki Kedoin added new listing Search criteria with Japanese word in workcenter in Serena Work Center
    This is an enhacement request for serch future in work center especially for Japanese. I'd like to make an improvement for the future of "Search" in workcenter. (click by magnifier glass icon at upper... right to launch) For example, if I want to know which item contains the word "ファイル" (file)...    Currently a search criteria "ファイル*" (file*) is working for following cases,    If the sentence is started with the word "ファイル" (file),        ファイルは新しい。 (File is new.)      If a space is exist before the word "ファイル" (file) ,       ありがとうございます。 ファイルは、    (Thank you. file is ...)  However, in case of Japanese sentence, each words are usually not separated with the character of space.    そのファイルは、そのサーバにあります。   (The file is exist in the server.)   In this case, the criteria "ファイル*"  does not return the item.  My request is,  Could you please make a change to hit any item although each words are not separated by space.  If the criteria "*ファイル*" (*file*) is available, it is OK.  A searching future in workspace interface is working fine as I want.  (Search by keyword) I'd really appreciate it if you can change the behavior same as search in workspace. SBM SQL Server Japanese OS More

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