• Programmers could tag their changesets release with external URL, thus allowing cross reference between modification and external workflow products or other related Changeset Documents This is a reque...st coming from the field: developers. Scenario: Programmers working with JIRA, thus creating bugs, notes non bug, todo lists, would like to tag their deliver comment with reference to their JIRA activity. This should be cheap to provide as it is about to: 1) (optional) to allow user to insert a URL in comment , a reliable one, with a URL navigation button to insert HREF link into comment, as many as developer likes (if not possible then the user would copy and paste the link) 2) (mandatory)  the filtered changeset search for comment, which already is in place, would recognize URL and allow the user to click on it (drill down to the document/JIRA/JenkinsJobOutput/whatever associated with the modification) Developers could link/justify their modification by relating it to activity documented by external product/file, even when those products are unknown to DimensionsCM. So it would be a great effect for integration with a minimum cost. Hope this would be voted :-) More

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