• It is not enough a kind of automatic control in the Application Repository of relations between Endpoint and corresponding applications (orchestrations) that use this endpoint. It would be good to see... which applications require redeployment which use the endpoint that has been recently changed to redeploy them. The idea occurred implementing the enhancement for the ENH249570. I've found that there are situations where users can be frustrated trying to identify which applications must be redeployed when the ednpoint which is in use by that application has been changed.As you know when an endpoint in the Application Repository has been changed all applications which use this endpoint must be redeployed to use its new setting. User is forced to either remember which applications use this endpoint or waste time later trying to undertand why that or that mechanism stopped working, investigating logs and determining missed applications. Or just redeploy everything just for a case - anyway it looks we definitely should have some automatic control which shows applications that must be redeployed after the corresponding endpoint change. Also good to have some "one click" way to redeploy all that is required when endpoint is changed.For example it can be something like red stars which shows applicaations that must be redeployed and "redeploy all" function allowing to redeploy all at once on the attached picture. More

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