• Please move the Archiving function from the old Administrator on the server to the Web Administrator. Currently, in our distributed and highly-secured environment, where there are separation of duti...es, the SBM support team cannot perform Archiving functions without the assistance of our Server access group to perform this. Moving this to the web administrator makes sense whereas we would no longer need to rely on our server teams to assist us. As you may already know, running the archving function in SBM improves performance by moving older, closed items from the live tables and placing them onto less-search archive tables. We have a distributed environment with load-balanced servers where we try to keep over 5000 SBM users happy a day. In our highly-regulated and secured environment, our SBM application support Admins have no direct access to any of our server environments and must go through a server team. We must put in requests to get their attention and schedule time with them in order to do anything on our servers - either in Configurator, or Administrator. The archving function is run from the old Administrator client that now, as of SBM, sits on the Console of the server. If Serena could move the item archving function to the Web Administrator, it would make the SBM Applications support team at our company that much more empowered to keep the system performing at its best. Thanks! More

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