Provide Method To Search for Tickets For Other Users Hot

by Mike Davis on December 31, 2015

Users who manage tickets on behalf of other users can only search for and see tickets for themselves inside of Request Center.  Open up search to allow users to find tickets for other people.  

  • We have users, think an executive assistant or supervisor, who need to check the status of Incident and Service Request tickets.  Since Request Center will only who you tickets that you have submitted, they cannot use that simple interface to find information on the tickets they are looking for.  Now, we have to train these users on using Work Center to find what they want.

    This prevents us from delivering a simple, single request portal for our end users / requestors that gives them everything they need.  Now, we have to train them on 2 interfaces.  

    Can the ability be added to allow users to search across solutions from within Request Center to find the tickets they need?  I would imagine that the search provided in Work Center could be extended into Request Center.  It would be nice to have some globally defined parameters to limit the scope of that search interface to specific projects or time period's etc..   


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