There should be an alphabetic subject indes to all blogs Hot

by John W deGroot on August 04, 2015

There should be an subject-based index to all blog entries. It should be in alphabetic order.

  • There now are well over 100 blog entries. Searching through them sequentially takes much time. If one stops at one blog title to read it and that blog doesn't have what is needed, the search must be started again either at the beginning or by page. The blog articles are in sequential order so there is no correlation between page and the content of the blog entry. A topic-based index will be a big help. Each blog article author should be invited to give one, two, or three topics (of one to three words each) under which the blog entry will be referenced in the index. Users should be able to build a 'research list' from the index and save it in a scratch pad in their profile, so they can embark on a research quest more efficiently and can return to it the next day or after that pesky meeting.


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