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by John Hastings-Kimball on March 11, 2016

It would be great if i could specify the Value Display Format (VDF) for a single or multi-relational field on the app that is referencing the item rather than having it set globally for all apps in the table. There are situations where the VDF for searches within the table are fine (Searches in the runtime display the results using the VDF) and show the proper amount of data but when i reference that same table in another app the returned data is way too much to be useful. I would like to control the VDF on an app by app basis. 

For example, we have built an office locations table that is referenced in multiple applicaitons in our environment. For applications where the full address is needed (say to ship something) a VDF of {country}: {address} {city} {State} {postal code} may be very useful when searching for the right selection. Unfortunately, when i use that same field in my contact table where i just want a user to quickly select what office they work in that VDF is overkill and looks sloppy in a form. Here a VDF of {city} might be more than enough.  

  • To do this i would suggest that when adding a single or multi-relational field to a primary or aux table there is a new area in the Options tab what would allow you to set the VDF. This could appear directly beneath the Application and Table selections fields. 

    Now i know what you are saying, you can use sub-relational fields to show the data you want an that's true BUT that doesnt change the fact that my initial field where i search for data my be a lot longer than i want it to be to create a visually appealing and understandable form for my users. The ability to specify VDF on a reference by reference way would be a very handy utility for anyone who is using a set of globally shared tables across all their applications. 

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  • This idea has been put under consideration for the 1HCY'18 release.
    David J. Easter Commented by David J. Easter July 11, 2016
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    This idea has been put under consideration for the 1HCY'18 release.