To be able to localize Advanced XML Reports

by Lucie Mlynarova on November 01, 2018


After you deploy Process application which contains Advanced XML Report, you can see these tables (created by XML) in Application Administrator/Manage Auxiliary Data. You can set privileges for that tables in Application Administrator/User/Privileges/Table. You can create reports on that new tables.

But you are not able to localize it – the name of fields in that tables and the reports created on that tables.

Localization strings are not added to Application Administrator / Localization / Values (with MLS ticked) for these Advanced XML Report tables.

When you export MLS Runtime / Values – ticked “Reports” there are all reports except these created as Advanced XML Reports.

It is confusing for users - almost all reports and tables are localized but some reports and field names are not.

It would be nice to be able to localize Advanced XML Reports too.

Thank you
Best Regards



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