Report: Connect filter opportunities for the main table and the joined table

by Richard Lippmann on June 13, 2018

With the report engine of SBM its quite easy to create reports.

A normal listing report is using one table, the main table of a project. For this project you can define filter criteria.

In a more advanced listing report you can join another table to the main one. For this joined table it is also possible to define filter criteria. The Problem is, when you have set filter criteria on both, the main and the joined table, the filter of the joined table is in the lead. There is no (easy) possibility to connect the filter criteria of both tables.

In some cases it would be great to set the following kind of filter:

for example

show me all entrys with -> Status is "X" (of the joined table) OR Field "Y" is empty (of main table)

At first the report engine is filtering all objects with Status X for the joined table than all connected objects of the main table where field Y is empty. The problem is that the outcome is just a subset not the whole amount of opportunities.

The outcome is objects with Status X and field Y empty, not Status X OR field Y empty

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  • Have you tried accomplishing this through advanced reporting?
    David J. Easter Commented by David J. Easter July 09, 2018
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    Have you tried accomplishing this through advanced reporting?