Privileges not honored in Advanced Distribution Reports Hot

by Gordan Mirkovic on January 02, 2017

Advanced Distribution Reports do not honor privileges when displaying results.

  • Running an Advanced Distribution Reports shows aggregation of items regardless of user's privileges.

    Let's assume that there are 10 SBM (sub)projects, and user has view privilege only for two of them.

    If Advanced Distribution Report (for example, tabular) is created and displayed, aggregation data for ALL items appear on table (for all 10 SBM projects) although drill-down to items in project user does not have privilege to view produces empty list ("Sorry, no data ...").

    This way users are initially presented with amount of data they don't care about (or even shouldn't be able to see) and has to look for "his" projects to identify data he is interested in.

    Totals are also, of course, given for all items instead for only those user is entitled to see.

    It seems that algorithm for running report is lacking check for permissions when collecting data to be displayed in report.

    I recieved explanation that this is "by design" of Advanced Distribution Report, but then I must say that I don't like this design because it is not compatible with the rest of report types (for example, Listing report, Change history report, Distribution report, Trend report; they all check for view permissions before displaying any result and only items user is able to see are presented).

    So please, add permissions check when collectiong data to be displayed by Advanced Distribution Report.

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