New 'Duration' report to track the time spent on an item per team Hot

by Richard Dudley on July 06, 2017

Allow us to more effectively track/know the time spent on a ticket per team

  • We currently have three levels of hierarchy of teams in Serena.

    An incident ticket for example can be created by an End User and escalated to a 1st level support team. This first level support team can escalate the ticket to one of many 2nd level support teams. The 2nd level support team can either escalate the ticket to a different 2nd level support team or a 3rd level support team

    The 'Change History' report type currently allow us to filter on the "[Changed Value] = [To Support team]" column, but doesn't allow us to select only certain support teams.

    We feel it would therefore be interesting in having a report that allows us to know the time spent per team involved in the escalation of the ticket and to allow us to filter the results on certain teams only.


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