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by Tom Clement on November 07, 2015

Add the ability to restrict records displayed in the relational grid to only the items currently selected in the multi-relational field.

  • Currently, the options for displaying relational fields include using the field itself and the 'relational grid'.  The field displays only the "value display format" of the record in the related field, while the relational grid permits you to define individual columns for the display. Unfortunately, in the relational grid, it is difficult and often impossible to limit the displayed records on a state form to the selected values, because the underlying report cannot be configured to do that. This idea proposes that SBM be enhanced either to permit a report filter capable of expressing "Where ITEMID in {ID1,ID2,ID3 etc.}" (which would make it possible to implement the proper restriction), or add a property to the relational grid to "restrict to related fields".  (The latter would internally instruct the report engine to add an additional restriction to limit the results to the selected values.)  Either approach would make it possible to use the relational grid and restrict the displayed values to the selected values.

    Note that the relational grid does display which records in the result set are selected, but if the data set is large and the selected records are widely dispersed, knowing what records are selected can involve searching and may not be possible.

    Seems like the same as:

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