More Control over Folder Sharing

by Derek George on May 10, 2019

Compared to the centrally administered Public Folders prior to 11.x the new Folder Sharing capabilities are wide open and quite flexible.  This can be a good thing in terms of decentralizing control to users as needed.  The challenge however for enterprise size customers is that being open and large user bases don't always get along.   I'm proposing ideas to add some more control options for the SBM admins.

  • The two primary issues are...

    1) There are not privileges associated with who can create and share folders with others.

    2) Groups are presented to users for sharing.  This is problematic as Groups are previously an administrative concept which may mean nothing to end users depending on how groups have been added and used historically.  A perhaps bigger issue is large groups could be shared with and selecting the notify of sharing checkbox will allow someone to spam your entire user base depending on the group(s) they use.

    I'm proposing the ideas....

    1) Provide a permission so admins can determine who is allowed to share with others.  Could even be granular like Share with Users/Groups, share with Users only, No sharing

    2) Allow a way to designate which groups should be visible for use in sharing.  A designation on Groups would allow us to only flag the few groups which might be meaningful for sharing use while hiding those which are used for more of an administrative slant.


    I'm interested in feedback or other suggestions.

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