Load An Appropriate Page for the Appropriate Task Hot

by George Jones on August 15, 2016

In the Serena Work Center interface, a user with view-only privileges to a handful of auxiliary tables sees the following link when they access their user profile: Manage Data.  Here's the problem: words have meanings.

  • Not only is the link a misnomer - the user isn't managing anything, they are simply viewing data - but the link opens the SBM Application Administrator.  The user is NOT an ADMINISTRATOR, so seeing this type of tool load, regardless of how innocuous it actually is, is not the type of things users consider part of a well-designed user interface.

    This is problematic for the administrators, too.  Not only do they have to address - and apologize for - the misuse of terminology, they occasionally have to respond to "security incidents" by users who are certain they've been afforded access to something they should not have access to.

    It would be much better if the Manage Data link was specific to the privileges in place, i.e., if the user can only view, then either:

    • display View Data link instead, or,
    • find a way to display the auxiliary record in the current window

    It would also be much better to provide the SBM Administrator with the option to suppress that link if it is of such dubious value.

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