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by Ryan Spradlin on March 30, 2016

Create a Popout/Preview style for Journal and Memo fields.

The new format for the journal/memo fields in (which may be different in 11), is not visually pleasing, nor it is functionally practical.


  • Here are my issues:

    1: There are no borders. So, it looks awful and seems like there is just random text floating between other fields.

    2: The scroll bars appear and disappear. I get that that may seem like a cool look, but it is just annoying in use. I don't want to mouse over something and then have a bar show up.

    3: The text fields should not be scrollable independent of the bar. For example, I should not be able to have my mouse in the text area and use the mouse wheel to scroll but then have it scroll the page when it is out of the text area. This is one of the most annoying things ever because as soon as you hit the end of the text in the field, it reverts to scrolling the outside page. Just use a scroll bar rather than a hybrid of the two. PLEASE!!!! I'm about to tear my hair out from the inside/outside context scrolling.

    4: There is text in the area behind the scroll bar. Why? The scroll bar controller is transparent when you click on it to scroll but it is not transparent when you aren't clicking on it. So, the text is not visible behind the bar unless you are scrolling. It looks and performs oddly.


    Here is my proposed solution. There should be an option for journal and memo fields in composer to be set to "preview" style. This would have a set heighth of 60 or 80 or whatever (preferably more than 60 since the user avatars are 60 and usually take up all of the space when set to auto heighth, I digress). So, in "Preview" style, the text field would only show a preview but would have a popout icon (the one with the two arrows in a box pointing to opposite corners) that would popout the text field in it's own pop up window that had it's own scroll wheel, etc...

    This would allow us to keep our forms clean looking while still allowing for text fields that may contain large entries or multiple entries without destroying all of the realestate on the form.


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