Increase usability of Post Transitions

by André Friese on January 15, 2019

There is a new "feature" which causes SBM to copy all field values to the new item during a post transition into the same primary table. Unfortunately this is activated by default. This happens even if there are only one or two fields mapped. If you remove all mappings from post transition and set just 2 new mappings, it should just copy these two fields to the new item. Unfortunately since SBM 11.4 it does not, although it's described like this in the manual. All fields are copied!

Instead of fixing this bug, there's now (11.5) a new Setting in TS_SYSTEMSETTINGS which is named "SetFldsForPostCopyTransOrig"

Here you have to set the TS_LONGVALUE to 0 to get the desired result, as it is described in the manual. If you don't switch this setting, SBM will always copy all fields with the same name.

But this setting can only be changed in the database table directly. There's no option to change it in a GUI, like System Administrator or SBM Configurator.
I think, any important setting like this should be reachable in some kind of GUI!

So please provide a way to switch this.

However it would be much more userfriendly to decide what to copy on a transition base. Maybe just a little checkbox inside the post-option menu named "copy all fields" if it's activated, the new feature is active an all fields are copied. No grid for the fields to be mapped should be displayed. If the the checkbox is unselected, only the mapped fields should be copied to new items. This would be the way it worked before 11.4.
Actually all of this is unnecessary if it would just do what it should: "Copy the mapped fields" and "Do not copy what is not mapped".

Thank you

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