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by John Hastings-Kimball on March 25, 2016

When you build form actions that create conditional field requirements or set field values they are not honored on transitions that are called that do not use forms (eg, transition actions, editable grid, mass update)

  • we have a few situations where certain field values are set or required based on inputs from the user when performing a transition that uses a custom form with form actions. Form actions have been a great addition to a designer's toolbox and have dramatically sped out ability to deliver usable, robust interfaces. Recently however, as our user community has become more mature in using SBM the need to quickly update a lot of data has become increasingly important. This has led to more use of Mass Updates, Editable Grid and Transition Actions. Unfortunately, along with this increase we have noticed more and more items displaying data that appears out of sync with other data on the item. This is because when you do not use a form-based transition the form actions that you so carefully crafted to ensure proper data collection are not honored. 

    Now i could rectify this by writing server side script validations but that would be asking me to write pieces of code for every place i want to enforce these validations. Please look into introducing some sort of server side javascript engine that form actions could plug into that the current form action model could be plugged into. If this continunes i'll likely have to resort to server side appscript and move away from the use of the more modern form action model which would slow down our development times dramatically. 


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  • This idea has been put under consideration for the 2HCY'17 release.
    David J. Easter Commented by David J. Easter July 11, 2016
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    This idea has been put under consideration for the 2HCY'17 release.



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