Extend Advanced Reports Query Views concept to Application Aux Tables Hot

by Devra Komendanchik on November 30, 2016

I'd like to see the Advanced Report Query Views extend to the Application you bound the view to.  Furthermore I'd like to use the views to populate relational fields from the Aux Table (view).

  • I've been struggling to find a easily administered solution to use one table, not two or three tables (dependencies), to populate a relational field based on table record attributes from another field in the same table.  The create report definition solution is nice, but doens't work for Aux Tables in the Global Application.  The Advanced Report Views was another possibilties, but the views are not extended to the application level.

    I'd like to see something offered similar to:

    E.g. A Facilities Table

    Facility Production Billing Warehouse AppDev PMO
    Name1 Yes No Yes Yes Yes
    Name2 No Yes No Yes No
    Name3 No No Yes No No

    Multiple Relational fields would be populated from one table based on the View Select established.

    Production Facilities Relational Field = Select Facility from Facilities where Production = "Yes"

    Billing Facilities Relation Field = Select Facility from Facilities where Billing = "Yes"

    You get the idea.

    Alternatively, this type of attribute field selection could be put under the Options Values section of the Property Editor.  Allow for a select statement to be applied to the application table.


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