Allow the Co-Owner of an activity View to change the underlying feed

by André Friese on September 12, 2018

Currently the creator of an activity view can share this activity and define user(s) as Co-owner. But these users are only allowed to add or remove feeds and change some display criteria.

In case there's any error in the feed or a new filter is needed, they are not allowed to change this, although the role 'Co-Owner' implicates to have the same rights as the owner.

Item feeds can only be privat or public. There's nothing in between. But even public feeds can only be changed by the creator or by an administrator.
It's not ok to give full admin rights to users who should be able to change feeds, because there are much more rights combined with this.

We would like to see either a separate User privilege for editing foreign feeds or an expansion of the activity share role 'Co-Owner' to allow them to edit underlying feeds.


Thank you


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