Allow import into the Calendar Overrides list and a way to recalculate TS_CALENDARDENORM Hot

by Paul Thompson on April 13, 2018

The Calendar Overrides list contains the list of holidays that needs to be updated at least once a year. While the Calendars and Calenday weekdays lists once defined, are more-or-less static, the Overrides list and the Calendar De-Norm table derived from these 3 lists are relatively dynamic.

  • Through App Admin, allow importing into the Calendar Over-rides list (TS_CALENDAROVERRIDES) and have it re-calculate the "TS_CALENDARTIMERANGES" and  "TS_CALENDARDENORM" table.

    One option might be to allow import into the Calendar Overrides list using App Admin.  When complete, SBM would recalculate the TS_CALENDARTIMERANGES and TS_CALENDARDENORM tables from the Calendars, Weekdays and Overrides.

    Another option would be to have a method where SBM could be "triggered" to update the TS_CALENDARTIMERANGES and TS_CALENDARDENORM tables.  We would import the Overrides data using AppScript, orchestrations or SQL but then we need to have SBM recalculate the contents of those 2 tables.

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