Allow alternate method to perform doing a "Put Files to Database"

by Paul Thompson on April 18, 2019

Currently, the SBM System Administrator ("ttadmin.exe") is still being used to perform many administrative actions.  For this suggestion, consider "Get Files from Database" and "Put Files to Database".  This pair of actions either populates selected paths of the Application Engine directory structure with files from the SBM database ("Get Files...") or loads files from the AE directory structure back into the database.  These 2 functions allow the client to customize templates and other elements of the user interface and have those changes made persistent through IIS restart and system resets.

The "Get Files from Database" function may also be initiated via the web client using the "AdminPage" URL with the "Command" parameter set to "GetFilesFromDatabase".  For example "https://{Server}/workcenter/tmtrack.dll?AdminPage&Command=GetFilesFromDatabase".  There is no documented matching "AdminPage" for the "PutFilesToDatabase" action.  This seems reasonable to prevent inadvertently corrupting the database.

  • Allow users to perform the System Administrator "Put File to Database" function without having to start a remote console ("RDP") session to the Application Engine (AE) server, start the System Administrator, copy any changed files to the SBM directory structure, then perform the System Admin "Put File to Database" function.

    The primary purpose for this request is to eliminate the need to start a remote console session to the server.

    Two suggestions for implementing this function:

    1. Add this capability to web client "AdminPage" URL, protected with additional required Params such as a specifying the current server date/time, +- 10 minutes.  This will not allow users to create a functioning browser shortcut with the Admin Page URL and inadvertently trigger the "Put Files" operation
    2. Add a command line param to the "ttadmin.exe" program "/PutFilesToDatabase" that will trigger the operation.  Windows allows command lines to be execute remotely by users with sufficient system-level privileges.  In our systems, the "remote execution" privilege is at the same level as allowing a remote console session and executing programs that require administrative privilege.

    Either implementation must take care to not perform a "Get Files From Database" prior to performing the "Put Files" operation.  According to the video attached to KB article S141715, the System Administrator does a "Get Files from Database" whenever it is started.  This functionality may be version-dependent as I did not see it with SBM version 11.3.


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