Ability to restrict or show Time Capture Widget by Role

by André Friese on July 17, 2018

When the Time Capturing is activated for a state or transition any user can see the values in the widget and even add new entries.

This is not what most users want. Usually time capturing is for internal users and external users like customers or item submitters should not be able to enter their own time capturings.

It would be necessary to provide an option for this.

Either simply by adding some new rights to the security tab for the roles like "View Time Capturing", "Add Time Capturing", "Edit Time Capturing", "Delete Time Capturing".
Or even better add it like a "field-like"-value so it's possible to assign a section per workflow, Transition, state and configure the visibility and the ability to be changed or not. Just like with fields.

Both ways should bring the ability to hide the time capturing from specific Roles.

Our current Workaround is NOT to add the widget on the forms. Then SBM puts it in the Change History Section which is hideable in the Security Roles. But this is not really what is needed. Could be possible that we want to allow the external users to view the Change History.


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