Inconsistent Group Assignment in RM Manage Hot
by Ribhu Sanyal on May 26, 2016

Groups in RM Manage is showing all the groups for every project

  • In RM Manage it's showing all the groups even the particular project is not set for that group. How can we secure projects based on defined groups but not all?

    It's very easy for Administrators to get confused in the RM Manage to handle access management for users and can make mistakes by Removing/Adding groups to a wrong project.

    Use Case:

    'CO SOL PROV' group is part of GSO_TEST project (see 1.jpg)

    'CO SOL PROV' is showing under GSO_PROD under Group Assignment in RM Manage. (see 2.jpg)

    We need an Enhancement where we do not want to see those groups which are not assigned. Only which are assigned we would like to see under "Group Assignment" in RM Manage

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