Add graphical categry selection for .csv CREATE mode Hot

by Joshua Trosclair on October 26, 2015

Add a graphical categry selection for .csv CREATE mode instead of requiring users to add a column to override the default destination, which is the root category.

  • Currently, .csv imports put newly created requirements into the top-level category in RM. While adding .csv column entries allows for a user to specify multiple category locations for requirements from within the same import, most user I know of are only trying to create new requirements for one category at a time. The graphical interface could be for importing all requirements to one category. If a user needs to import new requirements to multiple categories, there should be a checkbox option for overriding the graphical category selection so that the .csv-column defined categories can tell RM where to put the new requirements. Without exception, I have had to train every RM user I have ever had how to select categories for RM Imports. it is very unintuitive to expect a user to add a column to an export doc compared to a graphical drop-down list of categories.


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