Add Filtering on Agile 'Product Backlog' screen Hot
by Joshua Trosclair on July 18, 2018

Filtering would make Product Backlog screen more scalable for large data sets from existing customers who are trying to migrate towards Agile.

  • The RM Agile Product Backlog tab has a scalability issue for customers who have thousands of features and stories.
    The 'Split View' for requirements is another view that would permit an option for filtering, but the Product Backlog screen shows Epics, Features, and Stories all in one compact view along with how they relate to one another.
    My RM customer with these 20-thousand requirements would benefit from being able to filter their Epics, Features, and Story records in the Product Backlog tab.
    As it is now, if I use the 'Split View' tab to link a Feature to a Release, only the feature is linked; none of the feature's story(child) objects are linked in the process.
    Until there are attribute filters for the Product Backlog screen, my users will need to use the Split View screen as a workaround.

    Please implement filtering for the Product Backlog screen for attributes in Epics, Features, and Stories.

    Joshua Trosclair

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