Need increase in length of Branch Name Hot

by Sam Doncaster on October 02, 2015

Dimensions CM limits the length of branch names to 32 characters.  With corporate naming combnetions, orchestrations, automations and onboarding of thousands of applications into an automated Release Management system, this is too few characters and is causing a great deal of manual renaming.

  • We have corporate naming conventions for files and projects that have been around quite a while.  Some of our ear, rpm, tar or zip files are over 45 characters in length in order to comply with these standards.

    Our orchestrations and workflows in RLM will automatically create a stream in Dimensions along with a deployment filter and deploment areas for each project that is onboarded.  Each of these (stream name, branch name, deployment fillter and deployment area names) are constructed by concatenating additoinal characters to the end of the basic file or project name.  These additions to the name may total 15-18 characters.

    Therefore, we are asking to have the above entities increased to a minimum of 64 characters and ideally something over 100.


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