Increase user types in Pulse and give System Administrator responsibility to set privileges Hot

by Adrian MacFhearraigh on September 08, 2015
Pulse provides two categories of user: Administrator and Standard User. The range of user type needs to be increased in particular for environments that host multiple base databases on a single Dimensions CM instance and where it is an audit issue for users in one base database to have visibility on the contents of another base database.
  • Provision of the ability to define users with different access within Pulse is a necessary requirement particularly in Dimensions CM instances containing multiple base databases and the users from a single base database should not have visibility on the contents of the other base databases. The current provision of an Administrator and a Standard User does not meet the requirement to have different user types or roles within Pulse. The following are proposed user types:

    1. The Administrator role is equivalent to the Dimensions Admin and should remain as such. This role would have the responsibility to grant privileges to other roles.
    2. The Repository Administrator role basically permits administration of the contents of a repository and users that have access to that repository
    3. The Standard User role needs to have the ability to be associated with a repository and not to have full access to all repositories within Dimensions/Pulse

    This would be the minimum roles required to separate responsibilities.


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