Functionality to copy configuration across DBs and Products Hot

by Anupam Mahajan on March 22, 2016

Dimensions CM tool is lacking functionality of exporting attribute / privilege / rules details and import at the similar form / role / item in other products or DBs.

  • Dimensions CM is published as Configuration Management tool to manage configuration for products registered in it; however it lacking the same functionality in itself.


    I am unable to find a user friendly way of testing a change in test environments and copy it into production/live environment.


    My idea is when we make and successfully test a change in test environment. The change might be introduction of a new form, change in form attributes, might be change in attribute privileges, change in privileges to role or group, etc. There will be some function to export the change and import the change in live environment. Right now, we have to manually implement the change to all DBs and Products which is very time consuming and error prone as we are doing it manually. And for the companies where we have numerous products (like 250+) its will become a nightmare.


    I really think company should think in this area. As of now the option available is PDIFF scripting which is not very user friendly and prone to issue and no one wants to corrupt their live environment. And other option is hire consultation service which is too expensive for every change.


    So, I will really recommend Serena to think in this area and provide some function for people supporting the products for their companies.

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