CM needs a change request .csv import option as Dimensions RM has for requirements Hot

by Joshua Trosclair on March 28, 2016

Please provide a means for mass change request imports Dimensions CM from a .csv file. The Dimensions RM .csv web page import is a good example for what I'm looking for.

  • There is a dmImport tool that one of my colleagues has used to import files into CM from some other IBM product. I'm not aware of any CM change request import capabilities from that tool. Right now, I'm custom devoloping a web page for my customeres to import CM change requests via .csv imports. I have already done CM change request .csv imports for users by using the CM Java API (which doesn't know how to use generics by the way), but I'm also a software engineer. I need something that my non-technical customers can use. Such import capability is long overdue.

    An example of a import web page can best be exemplified with the Dimensions RM .csv import page. They did a splendid job. For Dimensions CM, you would likely have the web page first ask for the CM base database, then the product, project, change request type. From there, design parts can be specified in a drop-down menu as the former inputs, or specified in every .csv file row, so that different change requests can have different design parts.

    I'm sure Serena is well able to develop this enhancement if I as a lone developer can do it myself.

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