ZDD Client - Access to secured components on ZMF using READ access instead of UPDATE Hot

by Mohan Reddy Beeram on April 03, 2017

ZDD Client require a UPDATE racf TSO ID to access secured components on the ZMF (HOST) and it causes audit issues as firms are not ready to grant UPDATE access to the system TSO IDs that is used to connect to ZMF via ZDD Client.

  • Currently, the TSO ID that is used in Changeman ZDD Client (v8.1.1.502) on the Windows Server to connect to change man ZMF on the HOST require a UPDATE racf to acess secured components on the ZMF. This security need to be altered to READ access. For firms, it would be difficult to grant UPDATE access to these system related TSO IDs to pass the audits. Just with READ access, some vendor APIs unable to get access to these secured components on the server as these components are not pulled into secured folder on the windows server with READ access TSO IDs. Our shop use some impact analysis tools from vendors and these vendor tools are depend on the Changeman ZDD client connectivity to access the data on the ZMF host. I don't know howmany firms have this issue now and it would be very convenient if this security level is changed from UPDATE to READ access.

    MicroFocus Tech support to our ticket:

    ***Development have stated that: ZMF component security is “all or nothing”, and there is no separate security levels for READ and UPDATE. UPDATE access gives you access to the components and anything else will deny access to the components.***

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