Query component information from component list in package with linecommand Hot

by Angela Raffel on May 05, 2015
Query component information from component list in package and from browse baseline via linecommand saves time and effort.
  • Getting information about a component in ChangeMan is inconvenient. Let me give an example:
    You are in a package working with component ABC. Now you want to know about the dependencies of ABC to other components.
    You may open ChangeMan ZMF on a second screen, so you can stay in the package on the first screen. On the second screen you choose ‘QC’, ‘I’. Then you need to enter the components name, libtype, type of relationship.
    Now you want to check the history of the component. You leave item ‘I’ and enter ‘C’. You have to enter the components name and libtype again. You get the information.
    Your component is a subroutine, so you also check ‘B’ BofM. Again you enter the components name…
    There is a lot of unnecessary typing with the chance of typing errors. You understand the problem.
    It would be much easier, if you could get your information in the package, using a line command before the component! No repeated typing of component’s name and libtype again and again, as these items are known by ChangeMan, no typing error.
    And it would be even better, if you could use the same (!) line commands while browsing the baseline.


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