Integration - "how to" or could Serena add better integration in RDz Hot

by Peter Østerkryger Larsen on February 23, 2017

It would be nice if there where better integration within view'a in RDz/IDz.

  • A coulple of examples:

    1. Remote systems
      Sometimes I use MVS-files with a filter on our Serena baseline libs. This is because there are great support for search and I can brose code with a real editor and the many possibilities provided.
      But when a memer is found I would like to be able to just rightclick and do a Serena Checkout. No need to find the member again using Serena Explorer baseline lists.
    2. Same as above for search results.
    3. Maybe even from within the editor.
    4. Some uses other products like ADI (kind of the new ezSource) and in there integration would be great too.

    Is it possible to do somethink like this myself?
    Maybe a simple solution using Menu Manager first?
    A more advenced solution using Jave PDE?

    It would be really nice if Serena could provide some code for this - then we could integrate what we want.

    Regards Peter


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